This BDSM Bondage Kits set up is easy. Simply stretch out the nylon straps over the top of your bed to form the letter “I.” Adjust the center strap to the length of your bed and tuck them between your mattress and your box spring – making sure that the center strap is in the middle of your bed. (It’s easier to do this with a helper, but you can manage it by yourself if you want to surprise your partner.) Just clip the restraints in place and you’re ready to go!

The restraint system comes with a total of four wrist and ankle cuffs so you can strap your partner’s arms and legs to the bed! The cuffs are lightly padded for a comfortable and safe fit. They use fasteners so you can remove the cuffs quickly and easily if necessary. You can tighten or loosen the top and bottom straps depending on how comfortable you and your partner are with bondage. And when you’re finished, you can tuck the cuffs out of sight under the mattress so they’re ready for your next kinky adventure.

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As you and your partner become more comfortable with bondage and other BDSM activities, you can start experimenting with different style restraints and positions. Instead of clipping the cuffs to the nylon straps, you could clip the cuffs together to form handcuffs, leg shackles or even hog ties. And that’s just for starters! With a little imagination and creativity, there’s no telling where your bondage adventure will take you!

The Bed Restraint System

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